Saturday, May 31, 2008

Do you like cartoons? I like cartoons.

Good Evening, fans of low budget animation. It's my first real Blog, so be patient with me.

I'm Tony, I run Flinch Studio. Perhaps you think that means something, but no - I am just a grumpy animator, part man, part bourbon. Sometimes, I just hate animation. The business, not the stuff you see on TV. It's hard work making cartoons, and I'd really prefer to just lay around, watching cartoons. It's ironic really.

But cartoons make me happy. The stuff you see on TV, not the business. Most of the time I’m working so hard I can’t remember how to stop - and really, isn't that when you need a cartoon? Tex Avery is the best prescription, he has a way of putting everything into a demented perspective that makes your own life just kind of make sense again.

One of my favorite Tex Toons is Symphony in Slang – his masterpiece of 50’s hipster slang played out in sick visual puns. It's mostly told in flashback, and these sequences use very limited animation - but the style is so slick it just works! What a genius!

Such an awesome cartoon – that cat makes me shoot Makers Mark through my nose!

But one of Tex's most unsung toons is Crazy Mixed Up Pup. Can’t find it in English, but our hermanos over at FabioNegro posted the Spanish version – I think you’ll get the point.

If anyone has the English version, please post it – I need to hear that guy say “How about some Ham & Eggs? You good kid!”